about Ripehouse

In 2011 Art school Ripehouse started. Now 2 artists teach painting mainly to people for special needs, especially autism. 25 people are studying art, and many of them have experienced solo or group exhibitions.

Our hope is that they will establish relations to society through their art works.

Ripehouse is progressing with them.



Tatsuo Osawa  


1969 born in Osaka

1989 graduated from the major of Arts and Crafts

          at Osaka Collage of Art

1991 graduated from the graduate course of Arts

          at Osaka Collage of Art





solo exhibitions

2013      2kw Gallery                              Osaka

             Gyo Dong Art-Studio                 Jeonjoo, Korea

2010  Shinanobashi Gallery                 Osaka
2009  Shinanobashi Gallery apron        Osaka


group exhibitions

2014      "UNEASINESS12"                     2kw Gallery, Osaka

2013      "NET WORK 21c"                    Jeonjoo, Korea      

              "UNEASINESS & HIKA"             GALLERY KITANOZAKA, Kobe

              "UNEASINESS11"                   2kw Gallery, Osaka

2012      "NET WORK 21c"                    Jeonjoo, Korea


              -Korea International Art Fair-    COEX, Seoul

2011    "NET WORK 21c"                    Jeonjoo, Korea

              -Korea International Art Fair-    COEX, Seoul
      "HICA with UNEASINESS"          Igong Gallery, Daejeon Korea
2010  "UNEASINESS10"                    Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka
      "NET WORK 21c"                    Jeonjoo, Korea   



Shigeru Nishikawa


1977 born in Gifu, grown up in Mie, Japan

1997 Kinki University, Civil and Environmental

           Engineering, unfinished

2002 Osaka College of Art, fine art course, graduated

2007-2008  Triform Camphill Community




solo exhibitions 

2011 in between                             [neutron tokyo  Tokyo,Japan]
2011 in between                             [neutron Kyoto  Kyoto,Japan]
2012 continuity of landscape           [Restaurant-I    Tokyo,Japan]
2012 From the Faraway Nearby       [neutron tokyo  Tokyo,Japan]


group exhibitions
2011 ART FAIR TOKYO          [Tokyo International Forum   Tokyo]
2011 Next world        [neutron Tokyo              Tokyo]
2011 Art slope          [Seibu Shibuya Art Salon    Tokyo]
2011 11+25 BISEN       [Osaka College of Art        Osaka]
2011 Shibuya Style vol.5        [Seibu Shibuya Art Salon   Tokyo]
2012 Beautiful things-the charming miniature

                                           [JR ISETAN MITSUKOSHI   Osaka]
2012 white ground           [JR ISETAN MITSUKOSHI  Osaka]
2012 Sakura Calling   ["KUCHIBASHI" neutron/ FUJII DAIMARU 7F  Kyoto]

official site :  http://n-lab1977-4cc.petit.cc/



We sell some of the works. Contact us.


 Art school Ripehouse/Art direction Ripehouse 

 Tatsuo Osawa


 3-8-8 Arakawa Higashiosaka-Shi, Osaka, JAPAN   577-0843


 tell/fax : +81 72 921 1175


 email    : art@ripehouse.jp



 TEL: 06-7161-7624

 FAX: 072-921-1175


 水・木・金曜 PM7:00 - 8:30

 土曜1    PM1:00 - 2:30

 土曜2           PM2:30 - 4:00